Coming from Sicilian lands,
a compelling story
about sun, scents and colours.

Welcome in Gandolfo Vini

Enzo e Ignazio Gandolfo nei loro vigneti in Sicilia

for four generation

In these Western Sicily lands the passion for wine is as ancient as civilization itself.
It’s a natural choice, a given attitude: caring for the vineyard crosses our vital rhythms, and making wine is something more than simple production, it becomes a proud expression of personality and belonging.

This love is embodied in our wines, takes form in the fragrances of native grapes, harvested by hand and transformed into wine with the wiseness of tradition mixed to modern technology.

our products

Nero d’Avola and Syrah, Grillo and Inzolia, Zibibbo and Catarratto: the great Sicilian grapes in purity.

Passito, Zibibbo and Moscato: sweet natural wines and fortified ones, by typical grapes of the sun belt.

The great richness of a historical masterpiece in world’s oenology, a symbol of the age-old bond between man and vine.

Sacramental wines prepared, bottled and sealed according to the Canon 924,§3 of the Code of Canon Law.